Seat Map & Fee

Seat Map

Chichibunomiya Rugby Stadium

2-8-35 Kita Aoyama Minato-ku Tokyo



  • Ticket prices include VAT.
  •  A Students (Main/Back) …For students who belong to elementary school, junior high school and high school. 
  • Please bring your student ID when entering with Student tickets.
  • Student tickets are not available on match day.
  • You cannot use  the“invitational ticket for the matches hosted by JRFU”, issued by JRFU members club.
  • We do not provide priority gate for JRFU members club members.
  • When tickets are sold out, we do not sell any tickets on match day.
  • You cannot enter with Suica.
  • If we sell tickets at Prince Chichibu Memorial Stadium, we accept only cash.
  • Match will be held even if it rains.
  • Unless the match is cancelled, you cannot change or ask reimbursement for the ticket after purchase.
  • You cannot bring any dangerous objects nor pets excluding service dogs, guide dogs and hearing dogs.
  • For those with wheel chairs, please contact here.

4 Matches Packaged Ticket

Quantity limited ticket on sale for a limited time only.A ticket you can watch from the same seat to all 4 matches in the Prince Chichibu Memorial Stadium.

Venue: The Prince Chichibu Memorial Stadium

  1. Sunwolves vs Hurricanes(New Zealand)

    Saturday 25 February 13:15

  2. Sunwolves vs Bulls(South Africa)

    Saturday 8 April 14:15

  3. Sunwolves vs Cheetahs(South Africa)

    Saturday 27 May 14:15

  4. Sunwolves vs Blues(New Zealand)

    Saturday 15 July 12:05

VIP ¥52,000 Premium ¥44,000
Seat-SS(Main) ¥36,000 Seat-SS(Back) ¥32,000
Seat-S(Main) ¥28,000 Seat-S(Back) ¥24,000
Seat-A(Main) ¥18,000 Seat-A(Back) ¥16,000

4 Matches Packaged Ticket only on sale for SUNWOLVES FAN ClUB,Ticket Rugby,Lawson Ticket,e-Plus y.

Ticket with special goods

Ticket with special goods on sale for Seat-S (Main / Back) or Seat-A(Main / Back) or Seat-B only.
You can get “SUNWOLVES special portable blanket” at 1st match against Hurricanes in Tokyo.
You can choose “SUNWOLVES special portable blanket or“SUNWOLVES special small backpack at 2nd match against Bulls in Tokyo.

SUNWOLVES special portable blanket

SUNWOLVES special portable blanket

SUNWOLVES special small backpack

SUNWOLVES special small backpack

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