Seat Map & Fee

Seat Map

Chichibunomiya Rugby Stadium

2-8-35 Kita Aoyama Minato-ku Tokyo


Round17 vs BLUES

  • Ticket prices include VAT.
  •  A Students (Main/Back) …For students who belong to elementary school, junior high school and high school. 
  • Please bring your student ID when entering with Student tickets.
  • Student tickets are not available on match day.
  • You cannot use  the“invitational ticket for the matches hosted by JRFU”, issued by JRFU members club.
  • We do not provide priority gate for JRFU members club members.
  • When tickets are sold out, we do not sell any tickets on match day.
  • You cannot enter with Suica.
  • If we sell tickets at Prince Chichibu Memorial Stadium, we accept only cash.
  • Match will be held even if it rains.
  • Unless the match is cancelled, you cannot change or ask reimbursement for the ticket after purchase.
  • You cannot bring any dangerous objects nor pets excluding service dogs, guide dogs and hearing dogs.
  • For those with wheel chairs, please contact here.

Ticket with special goods

Ticket with special goods on sale for Seat-S (Main / Back) or Seat-A(Main / Back) or Seat-B only.
You can choose “SUNWOLVES special portable blanket or“SUNWOLVES special small backpack at 2nd match vs Bulls & 3rd match vs Cheetahs in Tokyo.

SUNWOLVES special portable blanket

SUNWOLVES special portable blanket

SUNWOLVES special small backpack

SUNWOLVES special small backpack

※These are the sample images.

4 Matches Packaged Ticket

Quantity limited ticket on sale for a limited time only.A ticket you can watch from the same seat to all 4 matches in the Prince Chichibu Memorial Stadium.

Venue: The Prince Chichibu Memorial Stadium

  1. Sunwolves vs Hurricanes(New Zealand)

    Saturday 25 February 13:15

  2. Sunwolves vs Bulls(South Africa)

    Saturday 8 April 14:15

  3. Sunwolves vs Cheetahs(South Africa)

    Saturday 27 May 14:15

  4. Sunwolves vs Blues(New Zealand)

    Saturday 15 July 12:05

VIP ¥52,000 Premium ¥44,000
Seat-SS(Main) ¥36,000 Seat-SS(Back) ¥32,000
Seat-S(Main) ¥28,000 Seat-S(Back) ¥24,000
Seat-A(Main) ¥18,000 Seat-A(Back) ¥16,000

4 Matches Packaged Ticket only on sale for SUNWOLVES FAN ClUB,Ticket Rugby,Lawson Ticket,e-Plus y.