The Origin of “SUNWOLVES”

“SUNWOLVES” is derived from a combination of two words; “SUN” and “WOLVES” (plural form of wolf). The SUN, a symbol of the Land of Rising Sun: Japan, was suggested by a significant number of applicants in the naming contest, regardless of their country, age and gender. The word represents the strength of the new Japanese team, its passion symbolized by a blazing sun, as it stands up against the new challenge. WOLVES hunt in packs and adopt a team ethos when protecting one another. These characteristics mirror the playing style of the new Super Rugby Japanese Team, which will put their outstanding speed, agility and teamwork to overcome their opponents. As described previously, the SUNWOLVES stands for the blazing sun of Japan whilst representing the agility and organizational strength which will be utilized to overcome their opponents. The SUNWOLVES will now get under way a new journey which will raise the curtain on a new dawn in Japanese Rugby.

2017 season SUNWOLVES Promotion Video

2017 season Jersey concept





“Sunwolves, the newly joined team in Super Rugby, will transform its new jersey for the upcoming 2017 season. The new red&white home jersey has the Sun representing its home country of Japan, and Sunwoves is the only team joining the Super Rugby championship. The new home jersey also represents the team itself, who fights against world top class rugby clubs.

On the other, the new black&white alternate jersey has the Moon which always comes together with wolves. The new alternate jersey emphasizes the cooperative and agile nature of the wolves.

水野 学
Mr. Manabu Mizuno

Creative director / CEO of good design company/ Visiting associate professor of Keio University

He covers wide-range of fields such as brand launch, logo design, product planning, package design, interior design and consulting.
His major works include Kumamon (the mascot of Kumamoto prefecture), Brand Up Project of Sotetsu Line, Oixix and Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten.
He is the author of the books titled “Uru Kara Ureru He (Seibundo Shinkosha)” and “Sense Ha Chishiki Kara Hajimarau (Asahi Shimbun)”.

 Message from Mr. Mizuno

“My first interaction with rugby was relatively late, 16 years old of age. More precisely, all “cool” high school mates belonged to the rugby club and I got into it.
The more I know about rugby, the more deeply I am into it and eventually I joined the rugby club after entering university. I have learnt countlessly so many things through rugby. With 3 years to go until the Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan, Rugby is gaining more popularity.
With this new jersey, I strongly wish for the success of Sunwolves. GO Sunwolves GO! Awooo!!!