Home Game Schedule Announcement

It is officially confirmed that the Chichibunomiya Rugby Stadium will host all 6 home games of Sunwolves in 2018 season.


■ Season opening match, the round 2 tickets

For those who do not read Japanese please purchase Super Rugby ticket through e-tix

※ All seats in the Professional Zone and the Party Zone are unreserved, the others are reserved seats.
※ The seat number for Special tickets are preassigned.
※ Seats with a family discount may not be applicable to select a seat number.
※ Please keep in mind that the number of purchase of tickets is limited to once.
※ After placing an order for a ticket, it is not possible to purchase other tickets for the same match even if the payment for the first order is not made.

■ Season Tickets

The period of Season tickets sales is over.
※ Season tickets will be exchanged with a token.

Please bring a token for exchanging the season ticket at the stadium on the match day. A season ticket comes with an original tickets holder.
Please collect a token at the store you have chosen at the purchase of the season ticket.(※ The token will not be delivered.)
Please keep the token until the game day for exchanging with the season ticket.
The location to exchange a season ticket with a token will be announced on the website of the Sunwolves.

Ticket grade and price

Check out our ticket information below for the 2018 Super Rugby Sunwolves home games.
We set 6 zones of the seating with several ticket categories and special offers.

You can choose 6 zones depending on how would you like to enjoy watching the game.


You can enjoy bestview of the game with a roof.


You can enjoy the exciting try scenes with the Aurola vision in front of you.

PARTY zone

You can enjoy wathcing the game with the standing style.

FAN zone

For enthusiastic fan


If you would you like to watch the game with all of your family members, book this area.

GROUP zone

If you would you like to watch the game with all of your friends, book this area

Group discount

Group zone discount
  • 3 tickets package (3 adults):¥13,500
  • 4 tickets package (4 adults):¥17,000
  • 5 tickets package (5 adults):¥20,500
Family zone discount
  • 3 tickets package (3 adults + 1 child):¥7,200
  • 4 tickets package (4 adults + 2 child):¥8,500
  • 5 tickets package (5 adults + 3 child):¥9,600

Special offers

①Smug faces jersey seats

200 pieces limited
Only for SS category tickets in FAN zone
Price: ¥15,000

※ You will be able to choose the size of the jersey on the first come first served basis.
※ The printed players will be varied every round.
※ The face of the players will be printed on the same position of our mascot Wolvy on the picture.

②Pass the ball with your family seats

Applied only for the first 7 family packages in the family zone
¥12,200(3 members sheets)
¥13,500(4 members sheets)
¥14,600(5 members sheets)

※ Each families will get 1 ball with the logo of 2 teams in the match.
※ The picture above is the sample image of the ball.

③ Drink with your friends group seats

Applied only for the first 50 groups in the group zone
¥13,500(3 members sheets)
¥17,000(4 members sheets)
¥20,500(5 members sheets)

※ All members of the group will get one beer each.

④ Sunwolves players BENTO seats

Applied only for the first 500 supporters in the A categories of the Luxury zone
Price: ¥4,500

※ The picture above is only an example image of the BENTO.

⑤ Family box seats

Applied for the supporters in the FAMILY zone
¥15,000(4 members sheets)
¥ 20,000(4 members sheets)

We set the our new "Family box seats" in the family zone. (with a table)
Each box seats come with a rugby ball with a Sunwolves’ team logo and an away team’s logo, a glass of beer (two glasses for the seats of four), and two bottles of team.

Fan club "SUNWOLFPACK" special offer for the Junior membership

All the Junior members of the SUNWOLFPACK in the FAMILY zone (Advanced ticket Junior price ¥2000) invited for the next home game in Japan.
All the details are available in the Fan Club web site.

Ticket sales schedule

■ 5/12(Sat.)Final Match in Japan:vs Reds
04/07(Sat.) 18:00- 『SUNWOLFPACK』Special Members
04/10(Thu.) 18:00- 『SUNWOLFPACK』Basic/Junior Members
04/13(Fri.) 18:00- JRFU Members
04/14(Sat.) 11:00- Ticket Pia Members・e-plus Members・Lawson Ticket Members
04/17(Thu.) 18:00- Others
  • ■ The ticket sales will be begun at 12:00 pm (on the weekend) / 18:00 on the weekday.
  • ■ No sale of the Junior tickets on the match day.
  • ■ JRFU invitation tickets can not be used for all Super Rugby matches.
  • ■ No advanced entry of the match for the JRFU memberships.
  • ■ Top League invitation tickets can not be used for all Super Rugby matches.
  • ■ Suica can not be used at the entrance gate.
  • ■ Condition of the ticket sales depend on the systems of each ticket store. Please access to the internet pages of the ticket stores for the details.
  • ■ The smoking will be prohibited at the venue and will be permitted only at the specific time at the special booth. (30 minutes after the first half and the second half)
  • ■ No dangerous goods and flammable objects are prohibited. No pets are allowed to enter the stadium (except the service animals)
  • ■ If the wheel chairs are needed, please contact 0120-639-021.
Customer center

Open hour 10:00~18:00 (Except summer and new year holidays)